Executive gym

We provides friendly, welcoming, high energy yet family-oriented environment to all the members. The gym has all the equipment that will be needed to pump your passion and as a result, your muscle

Personal training

We provide you the best personal trainers in town who will bring your body in the most perfect shape.You won’t have to worry about anything. Just follow their instructions and you will be all set

Steam / Sauna

Call it a sauna or a stream room, the important part is that it is the best place to release your stress and unwind your mind. You will have an experience of a lifetime

Aerobics Studio

Get in shape, lose weight and burn fat with Velocity Health and Fitness’s Aerobics Studio. We assure you premium quality fitness. Register yourself and pick up the best time for yourself


Join our Mixed Martial Arts organization that brings together the best regional productions. The mission is to identify and cultivate the next generations of fighters. So, buckle up and bring out the champion in

Functional Training

Velocity Health and Fitness center programs are supervised by qualified and certified trainers. We provide high caliber, proven and scientific based training keeping you functional around the clock

Cross Fit

Cross Fit is a competitive exercise program based on constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Now, who will not want it? What are you waiting for? Come and get it


Help your body to recover so that you are ready for those cardio and strength classes. After all, it’s not just all about lifting weights


You are already tired because of your workout routine and surely don’t want to carry your bag on your shoulder on your way back to home. You might want to place it in your personal locker that we have for


Who doesn’t like to take a shower after the tough workout classes they have been through? We have showers for you so you don’t have to wait till you reach your home. We got your back in every