Blaze & Burn it

“Blaze & Burn it” class is designed for people looking to step up the intensity of their workouts or advanced gym-goers looking to incorporate high-intensity interval training to their routine. This is our special program with challenging formats and advanced movements.

“Blaze & Burn it”  is a team-based “high-intensity & interval training” class where you train across five distinct areas – yoga, Zumba, Combat, Cardio and Strength – in a specially designed studio. It has an amazing music playlist, there’s great lighting, a fantastic sense of community and working together. It’s a really addictive, high quality class.

It’s also a fantastic full-body workout that’s designed to get results for every participant. The whole thing is based on heart rate, which ensures that everyone works at exactly the right level of intensity throughout the class: you work to your own heart rate, challenging and pushing yourself, but doing so within your own limits.